Rene Magritte 瑪格利特


The Surrealist proportion of Rene Magritte’s painting The Big Apple is transported from the canvas to a real space. In this way, Cubism and the concept of Futurism are combined with the Surrealist style that Magritte pursues to act as a metaphor of her art life. The shape of a giant apple surrounds the bathroom in the guestroom. The wall behind the bed is the apple’s flesh, the coat rack is its pit, and the folded boards that go from the wall to the ceiling are the winding, endless peel cut off from the apple with a knife. Objects broken down into pieces are presented in the same scene by employing a Cubist concept. The essence of three dimensions are visually analyzed, organized and recovered so that the momentum of speed and rhythm emphasized by Futurism is demonstrated through continuous lines and forms.